D MET is an award-winning, design-intensive studio located in Midtown, Detroit. As a full-service architecture and design studio, D MET brings a fresh sensibility to the beautification and revitalization of urban space. We specialize in an informed, collaborative design approach that combines artistic and academic insight with hands on professional experience. Since our opening in Midtown in 2010, D MET has been the Architect and designer for a multitude of game-changing projects (of varying types and scales) for clients who are the leaders and entrepreneurs of Detroit’s revitalization. With each project we seek to contest the adverse conditions of metropolitanism by creating thoughtful, community-centric spaces in resurging locations. The results are surprising, enlightened public spaces and buildings that respond to human and pragmatic concerns, while resonating with the neighborhoods in which they exist.

D MET is a member of the 2013-2014 Creative Ventures Program.



At D MET, the creative process begins with research and dialogue. We seek to fundamentally define and understand a project’s goals and objectives in multitude of settings . Our discursive and non-linear design process enables D MET to explore various design strategies and identify creative solutions that respond to the circumstances of each project. A final design emerges only after careful consideration and attention is given to the aesthetic and financial objectives, a site’s historical and cultural significance, and the quality of materials to be used. D MET’s relationships with the area’s best consultants, fabricators and builders, in addition to the studio’s attention to detail and focus on professional project management, ensures the creation and implementation of projects of the highest quality. 



D MET studio is led by husband and wife, Joel Schmidt and Liz Skrisson. After practicing together for over six years in various capacities, Joel and Liz opened D MET's Midtown location in 2010. The firm's sun-lit studio inside the Parkshelton is a creative space for conducting design research and meeting with clients. It is also a direct conduit to the entrepreneurial activity and spirit of Detroit. Inspired by the City, D MET is driven to build-upon the legacy of Detroit designers, to add artistry and beauty to the metropolitan landscape, and to work on improving the architecture and urbanism of the area. By creating people centric places from under utilized buildings, sites and interiors, the work of D MET seeks to unify disparate entities, better utilize metropolitan resources, and resist the entropic force of metropolitan growth and disinvestment.