@ DLectricity 2014 

The flickering glow of television light as seen from outside a neighbor's’ window or cast upon the face of an entranced viewer is distinct and familiar. Mike Teavee re-creates the magnetic glow of television in a wide open urban lot at night. Viewed from a distance, the large, luminous, blueish-white screen floats in the darkness, drawing spectators like a moth to a flame. Up close, visitors are transported into an otherworldly, all-white TV (stage) set which playfully distorts perspective and scale.

 Actors / visitors inside the great television encounter props, hidden entrances, and inclined surfaces. Audiences outside can complete the charades by broadcasting to the world the happenings at Mike Teavee via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, making real stars out of pretend actors in a pretend TV. Mike Teavee allows children and kids-at-heart to fulfill the ubiquitous cultural fantasy of being ‘sent by television’. “Hey mom, I said, am I coming in clear?”